Relearning American History – A Book Review of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims

I thought Home Schooling my kids would be easy and since we already were using a program they were using in the mission field I thought “hey no problem”.  That is until we hit American History.  My oldest was saying that in the program we are using there isn’t much in the way of American History.  So I went to the site where I get her material and there I found that that was it just what she had.  It was basic but shallow.

Then as I tried to share with her about American History I found that I hadn’t any knowledge of it.  I guess I was to busy skipping school and or was stoned out of my mind to remember any of it.  I was left with a situation that had to be addressed.  I overheard a lady talking about this book “Rush Revere” and how her grand kids love it and were learning history but not just them the mother and the grandmother as well.  well I just have to get it I thought.

I got online and Googled “Rush Revere” and found it was a children’s book written by Conservative Radio host Rush Limbaugh.  Well that was a plus seeing I am a conservative myself.  So I ordered the two books that he has published.  Having read the first one I was most impressed.  Written for the 8 to 14 age group it was a simple read and straight through you could read it in 3 to four hours or so.

The Story is about Rush Revere, a substitute History Teacher, and his faithful steed Liberty, who has the mysterious ability to transport Rush and the class back through time to visit the original pilgrims travels and the establishment of the first colony in America.

What is amazing I learned from the book myself all the history I either had forgotten or was to lazy to remember.  The great thing is it is stuck in my head and I will never forget it again.  It seems if history was taught in this way we would have remembered it to this date.  But unfortunately more History classes are down right boring.

I give this book Five Stars (five being the best) and two thumbs up for the fantastic teaching of American History made easy by Rush Limbaugh.  I highly recommend this book not just for home schoolers but for any parent or grandparent,  as a gift for your kids however I recommend you read it first its great.  You and they will love it and remember it forever.


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