Lyme’s Disease Anyone Can Get Tt

I know many of you may already know about this disease but what you may not know is that it is higher than 6o% of the time the test will come back negative.  I had it last year came back negative I had it for about 4 months before severe symptoms started to show.  When I first got bit I had a red patch about the size of a silver dollar around the bite then a few months later I suffered from chronic tiredness and joint pain.  And I don’t just mean the joints like fingers, elbows and knees but the little joints in between the bones in my feet were so sore I could not walk without pain.

My doctors would not prescribe any treatment until they got a positive test result, which chances were I would never come up positive.  So when I went on a mission trip last year I treated myself to a regime of Amoxicillian for 14 days and the end of my treatment I was cured no more joint pain and no more fatigue.

But two weeks ago we found a deer tick on the back of my sons head and around it was the tell tail sign of Lyme’s the red ring.


Here in the picture you can see out from the bite area is a red ring encircling the bite.  This one was milder than many but it is one of the tell tail signs that Lyme disease has begun to infect the body.  My son came back negative also on his tests but the Doctor was wise enough to let him take the 10 day treatment of Amoxicillian despite the negative result.

He is well.  Just remember anyone can get Lyme’s Disease, so when you are out hiking, keep you pants tight at the ankles, where long sleeves and check yourselves when you get home.  I heard but not proven that if you put Vicks vapor rub around your ankles and waist the tick will not like it and will drop off before getting near your skin to bite.


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