Where Has All The Power Gone

We at one time had a fairly good governmental system, we did, except the one thing we forgot was the one thing imperfect in our system,  Human beings.  Fallible corrupt and mistake ridden human beings who think they know what is best for everyone else.  When humans run any system thinking they cannot make a mistake they will corrupt any system they touch.

The problem we have created is that we have grown our government into a master servant relationship.  We have forgotten the simple principle of less intrusive government and controls that places responsibility for ones welfare squarely on the shoulders of the individual.  Into a system that places all control into the hands of an elite few who feel they hold the responsibility for everyones welfare.

How did we get here?

How do we change it?

And where do we begin?

First, we must recognize we are human and prone to mistakes.  We are not perfect and therefore we need others to communicate and do their jobs in the best interest to keep this countries government minimal and non intrusive into the lives of Capable American individuals.  If we fail to recognize we are the problem then we can never get back to a system that truly works in the best interest of all the people.

How did we get here?

This question may seem redundant and many will just claim it was the left or the right that caused all the problems we have but the truth is it is all our faults.  The truth is certain elite few in positions of leadership in our government have given up their purpose of serving the citizenry and have gotten to the point of serving their own interests above that of the Nation.  They have come to see their position as a way to amass wealth and power over others and in short have created a Government that is master servant environment.

What do I mean master servant environment?

We have over the years created a system where the Government is the master and the people are subservient to it.  This is not how it was set up.  It was setup that the people are the ones who are the masters of their destinies and the Government was created to be there to serve them in times of need.  Quite different today.  Many look to the government to supply every need to the point that they are no longer motivated to be responsible for the destinies of their lives.  They have gotten to the point of where they say, “I just follow the rules and they will give me a paycheck without any questions”.  This is nothing more than a master servant relationship in which the Government is the master and the people are its servants.  This type of government form is known as Hierarchy Leadership.  In this style of leadership there is ultimately one leader and everyone below him does what he wants without regard for the people.  And as long as they do their part, keep quite and don’t  make waves, they benefit each other, and they stay in power.  It is an “I speak and you ask how High” type of relationship.  the other end of this problem is that no one seemed to opposed it.

Is this what people really want?

Deep down each and every individual wants freedom.  Each person deep down wants to control the direction of their lives.  But when we have let in these few elites to control the direction of Government in a way that makes the people subservient to it we have gotten a far cry from true freedom.  And has created a hierarchy in which things come from top down and no one is on true equal ground.  As long as Hierarchy Leadership is allowed to reign people groups can always cry discrimination of one form or another.  But when all people are equal in their way of Governing all  people are truly equal in all things.

How do we change it?

One of the things I have noticed over the 50 years is that our Elected Government Officials have gotten away from communicating with the people.  They are not so much interested in what the people truly want, but in what they see as necessary to better put themselves in position of power and enrichment over those whom they were elected to serve.  In other words, they saw that their position in our government was an opportunity to gain wealth, prestige and power for themselves and not for the people.  They became to see themselves as the elected masters over sections of civil society and the people they serve as their servants.  This hierarchy leadership type of rule over people is the very rule of power our early founders rejected when they revolted against the Monarchy in England.

Why is it we have come full circle and are now once again in a hierarchy, maser servant relationship with our government?

Well another reason other than personal advancement is double talk with closed ears   What do I mean with that.  Well just this they became good listeners to what the people were saying in order to say the right things to get their votes so they could continue to better themselves.  But once back in office all that was communicated was lost.

This deaf ear mentality is a characteristic of hierarchy leadership because the elite hierarchy are truly interested in only serving themselves all the while claiming to be doing what is best for all people.

Are we that dumb to believe such tripe?

Apparently so.  To let a hierarchy leadership take control of our government and our lives as we have one thing was clear communication between the people and their elected officials has broken down.  I didn’t happen over night.  But it did happen by controlled education allowing people with ideas opposed to a free system, free market, people ran Government who wished to set up the same old system that has been around for millennium, Hierarchy Leadership, to teach that this age old governmental form is better and it would guarantee that every individual got what they deserved and needed.  But through out history the hierarchy leadership model has always failed because of one thing.  The people at the top and through out its control are just Humans, prone to mistakes.  Humans are far cry from perfect and no human system will ever be perfect.

Now I am not saying that certain controls and laws to be followed should not be in place, but what I am saying is, letting a few elite people run the whole board is a sure fire way for failure.  Because humans are not perfect and will fail and the hierarchy leadership puts all the control into the hands of a few instead of equally distributing responsibility to the people.  We must come about and face this inept way of governing and get back to the principles of a less intrusive government that is for the people and by the people.

This type of leadership is currently known in many circles as Colleagial Interactive Leadership.   This is in essence the type of leadership that was originally set up in 1776. A government of people on equal grounds based on the constitution that stated such “All men are created equal by their creator.”  What powerful words and in a system like this everyone worked as a team and everyone on that team had a voice.  And if they saw something going wrong any one of them could step up and say something to nip the problem in the bud.  Slowly, the people began turning over their voice to a few until those few changed the system to serve themselves rather than the people.

Colleagial Interactive Leadership is a leadership based on relationships with the people, by the people and through the people.  Today we are hearing how this type of leadership form is working in the Airline and Medical Industry.  Industries that have functioned as Hierarchy Leadership for years are now Colleagial Interactive Leadership.

Why is that?

They found that with everyone working together and having equal power worked best and caused  less mistakes, waist and increased safety of all involved including their clientèle who are the people they serve.   Colleagial Interactive Leadership is for the people by the people styled teamwork leadership.  It was pretty much what ran this country up until around 70 years ago when a few people once again wanted to put the rest of the people under a hierarchy leadership system, that has failed in every country and nation that it was ever allowed to govern.

Where do we begin?

The first place that any great Colleagial Interactive Leadership Team begins is with “RESPECT”.  All involved regardless of education, financial status, or position must equally respect each other with out prejudice.  In order for this respect to form, a great Colleagial Interactive Leadership team must without fear be able to communicate, and to do so freely and clearly.  With a total expectation that they will be heard and acted upon for the peace and prosperity for the whole team leadership.  This is truly the essence of the leadership that the founders of the United States of America had envisioned.  A place where each man was free to create opportunities to advance his personal prosperity and freedom without downtrodding the rest of society around him.  This is Respecting others as you respect yourself.  Saint Paul taught it this way, Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Philippians 2:3.  

When people esteem others better than themselves they tend to respect and hear what the others have to say and it limits strife between people.  This is the very essence of Colleagial Interactive Leadership which is a team styled Leadership where no part of the team is better than the other and none is without significance.

This is the essence of respect considering others better that yourself.  Again Saint Paul further wrote by inspiration,  Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.  Philippians 2:4 When the team is looking out for one another in respect and equality we will naturally follow through on that which is good for the whole without exclusion of any one group.  Again this is the essence of Colleagial Interactive Leadership, it is a team looking out for each other, and not where one was looking out only for what was in it for me.

This is the difference between what we had and what we have governing our American Society today.  We need once again to get men and women into the sectors of our government who are truly there to hear and serve the people without self interest.  Who respect not only their colleagues in the political circles but respect the people they are elected to represent.  In truth presenting the wishes and desires of the people over their own self promotion and personal gain.

We must affect a change and get ourselves from this Hierarchal Leadership we have let creep in and take over our government, and once again establish the true form of Government that our founders had initiated in the beginning over 200 years ago, Colleagial Interactive Government and national team, with mutual respect for all men regardless of creed, color, religion or sex One that is for the people, by the people.

This is what made America Exceptional.


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