Solutions Are Never Simple No Matter How Simple They Sound

Since my last blog entitled “Where has all the power gone” a few of you have written and asked what my solution is for our current Governmental Problems? 

I want you all to understand I don’t have all the answers, but I have for the last 6 years been contemplating deeply with  prayer and insight as to what kind of solution is needed for our country to get back into a position that it is self sufficient and independent.  And at every corner of thought, two main themes keeps coming into the equation. Clear and concise bi-directional Communication, and self responsibility also equal to personal self governing in the family and local community.  It is truly the basis of the original governmental process that was established by our nations founders and that is Collegial Interactive Leadership.

It is not as simple as just laying out road map, though basically that is what it is.  First we must establish a nationwide address, it must be made by a sincere person willing to do what is right for all the citizenry of our great country.  And for all the people to hear and agree to do their part on a personal level.  An open communication via all levels of society is what is needed to first get the ball rolling, that is the essence of Collegial Interactive Leadership.  This clear and concise communication is the first steps in rolling out the road map for this countries future. 

But it must start with involving all the people on many levels of society.  Today ee see people dividing themselves into factions, groups, ethnic races and gender, while these may seem good for those individual groups, it is what divides not unifies.  The founders of this nation knew that if we are divided we will fail to be a country.  And right now that is what is happening to this country, a divisive element has been injected by a biased media and corrupt individuals in a direction that is meant to hurt and not truly help this country.   No, what is needed in this country is not a divisive course but a unifying course.  

Do we truly believes that all Men are Created equal and that each man has been given naturally endued rights to pursue personal  Peace, Liberty and Prosperity?

If so we have a unifying course already existing for which we can start.  We must unify not divide, for it is in unity we will find true liberty, peace and prosperity in all levels of our country.  The first rule of unity is to be of the same mind.  This comes by first opening the lines of bi-directional communicative dialog from the bottom up and from the top down known as Collegial Interactive Teamwork.  Where the people present their desires and Ideas, then the leadership appointed by the vote can act in accordance to the needs of the whole community as a Nation on both a State and Federal level.  

This method represents all people ad not just in the interest of selfish few, big business or banks.  Tthough these entities are made up of people that work in these industries, it is not entity that runs our country, it is the people that are to run it.   The establishment of this nations was a government by the people and for the people and it has not been that way for some time now.  When the people are taken out of the equation of their government then the government is not for the people or by the people.  It will be for the self interest of a few in the government.  In this manner the people only suffer, being used to further a minority of peoples interests and not of the majority of the people.  This is how far we have fallen from the tenants of this Nation it is no longer a nations for the people by the people but a nation of the few for the few.

But when was the last time this nation was ran by the people and for the people?

At best, the last time that was so was before 1888.  that is when the fullness of self governing was taken away, via media push and the intellectuals of that day.  these few thought they knew what was best for the nation, and they convinced us to give up those rights and we turned all self governing over to a centralized federal government that we are currently under.  We had set a course that has proven to lead to the destruction of this Nation and not for its success.

First Step is that self governing must be reestablished in the personal  and family structures.  Then upward into the levels of society and local governments followed by the State and then the central Federal government.  What is amazingly simple takes the most work yet the mechanism to self governing is already in place. 

Getting away for the personal and family structures of self governing and accountability for the moment, I want to look at what is in place and what the problem is with that at the moment.

What we have in place at the moment is a singular central government over all people that we basically establishment since 1880’s, but without consideration at that times was our population numbers both within and by immigration has increased drastically and that individual life spans increased dramatically as well.  This in itself caused the already overburdened central federal Government to be inefficient to handle the increased work load no matter how many people are employed.  It has just spread itself to thin to be effective in governing.  The federal government establishing all rule over such a large populous becomes ineffective because it cannot effectively communicate with and to the people on a local level, and so laws are passed over all without regard for the greater populace.

Again the problem is our federal government is to large to effectively handle the job of Governing equally all men.  However the solution is in place that has been there since the beginning.  Now, I know this may sound extremely simplistic. But after all solutions may seem simplistic but often are not.  The whole solution lay before us and it is, the employed offices and buildings are there, the whole mechanism for getting this nation back on track is already in place.  We just need to have the fortitude to see it through over a necessary period of time.

So here it is, and I will try to state it simplistically as possible, it is from this simplistic point a more complex course can be initiated. 

If the problem is too large a central government then the Idea is to make it smaller.  Remember that a smaller operation is far easier to maintain and leads to more effective governing.  The idea is this, return or turnover  a certain amount of the over burdensome offices that are currently in place to each State.  I.e. welfare and social services, interstate commerce, Unemployment and disability services, Medical insurance, the IRS (with each States commitment to 10% of taxes given to the federal government for its operations), and all public lands not including heritage locations and Native Aboriginal Indian reservations.  These are just a few. 

But basically we would be limiting the federal Government to protection of our overall union from foreign attack, protection and security of our borders, International Customs and Immigration, our over seas interests i.e. embassies and foreign offices,  Interstate Highway Maintenance programs and EPA standards to cover all States, but all of it would be contingent only in agreement with the States appointed leaders via Senate and Congress.  But not limited to these.

We just got too reliant on a central government to handle all these needs, that we ignored the fact that our central government is now spread too thin and can no longer handle the burden that we have placed on it.  That being Government rules and we follow.   That is the very Hierarchy Leadership we rejected in the British Monarchy in 1776, and we have now allowed to be established in our overall central federal government since the 1880’s. 

We have effectively taken away the people from the equation of a government for the people, by the people.  I am not talking about people being employed to carry out the actions of these offices, I am speaking of how effectively we have eliminated the power of the people in its government.  We must return to a modified early governmental structure that was in place until the 1880’s, a Collegial Interactive Government where all were involved, where all are accountable, and where all are heard and treated equally without regards for race, gender, creed, and class.

I know this sounds overtly simplistic but it is not.  Over all this will be a process that takes time as we design the details for transaction of government powers from one to the other.  What we need to recognize that all the pieces are in place, we need only to divide the burden evenly to each State so our federal Government can focus on what it was originally created for protecting us from foreign and domestic threat and attack that would want to do harm to the Union of the States.  And some added power to protect lands with in the States that are to be preserved for all to enjoy. 

An Collegial Interactive Government is the only means that will stabilize our nation and allow for all to prosper personally as individuals and collectively as a Nation.


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