Q. Can we Initiate a Plan of Implementation? A. Not without a Collegial Interactive Team.

The title is also the premise of this blog is a question and an answer.  And this is where simplicity drops from summery solutions to the actual implementation.  But before anything to take effect the people must be active in the getting involved not via their elected Congressmen and Senators but in the actual hands on team to help guide these into actually reality.

Let’s for the sake of argument say the people elected me to office as president.  I have been elected for four years.  I have given an oath to get the ball rolling into creating a collegial interactive government.  The first thing I would do is get some men who have actual feet on the ground so to speak, rather than men who have only in theory they learned form liberal socialistic agenda driven individuals we have allowed into our universities since the 1950’s.   I don’t want men of lazy character to say you must give me because I am this or that. I want real men with a head knowledge and some with legal knowledge to help forge this.

I want men who are not race baters, or political activist, I don’t want those who are community activist, I want the real community.  I am a product of the late 60’s and 70’s I was taught all men are equal and no matter what their color they are to be respected and appreciated as being my fellow man.  I have watched as white men embraced people of ethnic backgrounds and swore to make thing right.  Nice promise but not much changed.

We still see the divide because it is easier to divide than to unite.  Because once men of all classes and races and gender unite they will be unstoppable as a team.  What happened was the words of the people were heard but only for the sake of getting vote.  After that their plight was forgotten even if that politician was of the same race.  Why? Today’s politicians are in the game for the MONEY not for the people, and that money comes from the bank and industries that are controlling the fate of the world not just our nation.

One thing I have learned over the years is that sometimes a person who is the least important have some very deep and valuable ideas in matters how to fix problems. Yet no one listens to them.  Why, because the politicians think they are insignificant.  I want men with real vision for all not just banks and industries.  A vision that our founders saw of every man accountable for his actions, everyman equally pulling his weight, everyman having freedom to expand and move so that his prosperity will last into generations.

I must have a good team that communicates clearly without a personal agendas of Wealth and Power, as it has been done since the 1800’s.  I want men with wisdom in solving the problems we are facing as a nation.  I want men who are not seeking self promotion but the promotion of the people who they love and serve.

Once this team is put in place under the president can the next step of planning begin.  The next steps of Implementation will be selective and must be immediate.  It should not be hard because all the offices and buildings and employees are already there.  There is only a taking what is there and dividing it among the States and give them the power to self govern these offices in a more accountable and effective matter.  Where as the current Hierarchal Leadership is spread to thin to hold accountable those who are corrupting the system via the many loopholes in the system.

The congress and the senate are supposed to be those men. The problem is these men have been corrupted by the liberal professors since the 50’s, 60′ and 70’s to date that they get into politics as a way to make a living instead of a way to serve one another.  The government is here to serve not to rule.

So when it comes down to brass tacks are men willing to give up seeking what is in it for them and change it for what is in it for the people.

What is in it for the people?

True freedom, peace and prosperity that is what they get from a Collegial Interactive Leadership.


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