What is Hierarchal Governance

Hierarchal Governance styled Leadership has been around as long as men have recorded history.  And in that history we have seen this type of leadership try to forcefully take more ground for themselves at the sacrifice of the people.  Patriarchal Monarchies are the main type we read of in history these sprung from tribal entities as the populations of their people grew.  We find these on every continent and in every land to some degree or another.  Whether it be the primitive tribe or the more advanced civilized power they all have the same type of leadership, Hierarchical.

The premise of an Hierarchal  Governance styled leadership is that the people are subservient to the leader and look to him or a small groups of men, to solve the problems of their society and to take care of them.  This submission comes at a great price of personal freedom.  It came from the Patriarchal style of leadership where one relies on the Elder of a clan to govern the clan so all live peacefully.   As we look in the history it still was far from a perfect system.  Because someone is always kept down while the leader gains the wealth.

We could find plenty of historical example of what a Hierarchal Government is all about.  But what we need to understand is that whether it is a Monarchy, Totalitarian, Socialistic or as we have today in the US, a Hierarchal governance, one thing remains the same.  It is the government that is ruling the people.

The early founders of the US understood that as long as they let the government rule them they could never have the true freedom men were meant to have.  You see the government was never meant to rule over the people, it is the people who are to rule over the government.  I will say it another way. “The government is not to rule over the people, it is the people who are to rule over the government”.

And that is what was started in the US once they pulled away from the Monarchy of England.  It was a simple form of what we know and call today a Collegial Interactive Governance.  It is a Government by the people for the people.  Where all people are taken into consideration and they are not used to further the plans and directions of big businesses, industry  or Intl Banking Cartels.  When people are given the chance to rule over themselves with personal responsibility and dignity, that is when and where they begin to prosper in the pursuit of happiness and freedom.

The only thing is we let our guard slip and stop holding people accountable, then one by one the people became corrupt seeking their own personal success and direction instead of the of the nation.  We forgot the one thing that is weak in any government it is the human factor.  Humans can be corrupted, used, threatened and manipulated, and when that happens then the government changes from being for and by the people to being ran by the few.  And in course it returns to the age old government we know as a Hierarchal governance.  The Hierarchal Governance styled leadership will only enslave and burden its people and eventually causes the downfall of it own nation.

If we want this type of government to rule over us then we need do nothing to change it.  You see our natural form of leadership always flows into that type of Government because by nature people are lazy and would rather someone give them than to work for it.  But an Collegial Interactive Government and leadership is something that must be maintained and worked hard for, not just to have but to hold on too.  The founders of this nation knew this and they fought hard for it but after they were gone no one kept up the fight to keep it, no one had any idea of how to maintain it.  Once the people disunited themselves spread out with their new found freedom across the vast lands, they strained the lines of Interactive Communication that runs an effective Collegial Interactive Government, and then eventually forgetting that they are the government.

We must return to that form of Government if we are to once again lead not just this nation but the world into prosperity.  This is what made America Special, this is what made her unique, what made her exceptional.

Next time we will more on Collegial Interactive Governance.


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