Impact Your Family Through Interactive Communication

Holding small and large seminars on Collegial Interactive Teams is fun but when it comes down to brass tacks, it all starts at home. Your family is your first environment where relationships and teamwork is practiced, Therefore your Family must have an open means of true communication being able to say what they want without fear of rebuke.

An open communication is real interaction on all levels of life and actions and is the basis for all relationships and success of them.

I once rebuked my daughter and in the course of it I said something that was not really true. I walked away after the rebuke only to return to find her steaming over what I said. I asked what was wrong. At first she did not want to answer (communicate) so I opened the door for her by saying I promise not to get made or say anything. I will just listen.

She then began to explain how she found the one statement, that wasn’t really true of her, had hurt her so deeply. At that point all I could do was say, “you are correct, I did hurt you and I was wrong.”

She held all the cards in the conversation because she was able to speak her hurt and what it was that hurt her. I had no argument only that she was correct. But it changed the way I would communicate with her from that point on. And it made us a stronger and more efficient family unit, real interactive communication begins in the home.

Once we learn it at home then it is easier to apply if in the real life situations that take place at school, in the workplace or even in a social environment like a dinner or party.

Collegial Interactive Relationships a need for all people of all ages to be more effective in all they do together or as an individual.


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