Collegial Interactive Communication as a Lifestyle

Lifestyle Communication

Ever try and sit down and count how many people you have met over the years?

I tried and it would be well over a thousand people I have met.  It could be higher but I have no idea how to recall. Seeing that we are introduced to so many people today in our vast communities.  Up until the last century communities were small and everyone knew each other.  And in a world of high populated urban centers, media and vast choices of entertainments we have lost the art of communication as a means of developing relationships with people.

Also something you may have noticed from the previous sentences is that our English language has the same root word for Communication and Community.  An exciting etymology of this word comes forth as we study out this word.  In the early years of the English language the word Communication was not limited as it is today to speaking, sending of words, or sharing of ideas, but it had a more applicable meaning to human life.  It literally meant Lifestyle or behavior, and secondly meant share, and also meant spoken words of information to another.  The Latin word from which we derive our English word meant “to share”.  Another word that is quite close to communication is conversation.  Conversation not only consisted of words but was the persons lifestyle. an obsolee meaning of the word conversation is behaviour or manner of living i.e. lifestyle.

I spoke of before about how tribal communities have a mind set that all property is communal, literally it belonged to all in the community.  And this is part of the problem that many of today’s developing nations face when dealing with theft of tree fruits such as Coconuts, Bananas, Cashew nut, Mango’s and many others.  These countries are only now teaching the difference in communal and private property and so after many years of communal property the people are finally getting the understanding of Private Property by individuals and Enterprises.

Now while communities were small everyone knew each other, they would see each other and greet each other and spend time communicating with one another.  Communication is done with more than just the words that come out of our mouths.  A recent study says that our communication today is 97% non-verbal.  So that would mean that we communicate with more than just our words.  The study tells us our communication is partially emotional intonation, body language, eye contact or lack of it, and the type of words we choose to use in communication.  That is right choosing the correct words is key to communicating properly.

In today’s society of large urban communities, for a lack of a better word, we have developed selective communication via a particular type of conversation.  Some select their communication to be among their own race and in that develop their own unique language and clothing styles to go with it.  This is a fall back to the tribal days when each family unit developed its own language and look for communication among its members.  We can identify a few groups in our society that do this, but as a of late some of that language has crossed races and genders to become a more common way of speaking.  The problem is it lacks the ability to clearly communicate with the larger section of society.  Clearly selective communication divides and is ineffective in communication with all of society in which it is employed.

Our English Language, used in America, is taught to all for the purpose of clear communication between all peoples who make up our society, who are from different nations.  This language is used in two forms of communication  speaking and writing, if either of these is missing then communication is lacking.  So here we are an intellectual society who has abandoned two types of it s communication of speaking and writing, the lifestyle of communication, and the coherency of communication.  We need to redevelop these if our society is ever going to expand if not the result is collapse.

So what is lifestyle communication?

Lifestyle communication works in two ways, 1) your outer communication which is non-verbal,  and 2) active communication among your community at large.  This is communicating outside your clique or group.  Whether it is a racial or class groups this type of communication must improve among the citizenry of our country or it is doomed to failure as a nation as a whole.  Another way of communication is in the form of conversation we use both verbal and non-verbal, the latter being your lifestyle or manner of living in society.

Outer communication of lifestyle communication is made up of a few things 1) your appearance and dress, 2) projected attitude, 3) emotional intonation, 4) body language and 5) manner of living or behaviour.  Here is what has changed largely over the last 100 years or more.  A large amount of this is from social engineering of the education system and the media.  Appearance the outer man has become of more importance than the inner man.  Especially because of evolution is taught as truth in the public school experiment, which controls and conforms the next generation into what these social engineers want, a submissive society that is ruled by a hierarchal leadership.

But the education system is not alone in this, the media also helps in portraying the social direction they want to engineer via Movies, News Programing, Daily Soaps and the nightly Sitcom/Drama programs.  Of late a newer form has arisen, the “Reality” show, which are not reality at all as they are still scripted and are part of the ongoing social engineering that both the education and media systems employ to control the masses.  Everything you see on TV is scripted with one goal in mind Social engineering a submissive people that they can control and manipulate.

The best way to keep people from communicating properly is by tranquilizing the masses via manipulated Education and Media programming.  It used to be people communicated regularly because of the lack of any means of entertainment.  Over the last 100 years or more, entertainment has become the highlight of peoples lives, instead of being a treat to the arts a few times a year, it has become a nightly activity and a right.  And when ever something is given up, in this case true communication and relationships, it must have something to replace it, mass and social media has now replaced true communication and relationships.

These things, done via education and media, have gotten people to conform to certain stereotypes of lifestyles instead of allowing each person real freedom in developing who they are via personal communication and relationship as it was in all the centuries before.  What these have done is divide people, and a divided people is easier to conquer  than united people.  The early founders of our country knew this, and tried to establish a nation for the people by the people, using true open co-equal Collegial Interactive Communication and Relationships to form a government that would not rule over the people but unite them for protection of the freedom of all.

Another way that the social engineers of today have succeeded in limiting the communication of people is by making the common language anything but real clear and open language of communication.  In this division the people who don’t speak the street language are separated from those who speak it and vise versa.  Two main divisions in communication it is no longer a generation gap but a communication gap.  To which these social engineers can point to as a problem so to keep your eyes off of the truth which is that the Dept of Education and the mass media are the tools to which the social engineers used to destroy the government of the people for the people or the Collegial Interactive Governance and replaced it with the old world governance of Hierarchal Governance we are currently under.

We have seen that the reason people are not into real open and honest co-equal collegial Interactive Communication is because they have been socially engineered out of it practically before it was fully developed into the real governance.  All of what has been shared so far goes as far back as the early 1800’s, within 50 years after the establishment of the United States Collegial Interactive government, forces who want to control the masses of the population through a hierarchal system of government had already began to tear it down and recreate it for their purposes, by 1830.

They knew that if they controlled what the people are taught and entertained with, they could slowly and without notice put the people under their control and what we see today in our society is the result of their social engineering.  And all they had to do was breakdown the true collegial interactive communication of people as a lifestyle and governance everything else they desired from that destruction would fall into place.  Destroy peoples ability to open and honest co-equal communication and you destroy their union and their nation.  One way to overcome the social engineers is to turn off the TV, better yet, don’t subscribe to cable TV programming at all, that is what I did.

This is why it is important to learn once again the true form of Collegial Interactive Communication and its benefit to the society.  Co-equal Collegial Interactive communication and relationships is what is needed today and it will bring unity and strength to any nation and destroy any form of Hierarchal Governance that has arose over them.  Learn co-equal open and honest collegial interactive communication and you will open the doors of true communication and relationships that will change the world, just as it did over 200 years ago.


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