Selfie Communication Is Not Co-equal or Collegial

Today we see the era of the “Selfie”.  Most know that a selfie is a picture one takes of themselves and posts online in their facebook or other social media web sites.

But what are people communicating via the selfie?

There are a few things we can gather from the selfie that may help you to improve your communication of your self image.  Self image is what you think of yourself.  And in today’s self conscious generation the selfie has become the biggest outlet of egotistical individualism I have seen in my life time.

Why has this come about?

Well is has come about via a few social educational venues.  1) From the educational system pushing the Esteem yourself agenda from K through College. 2) reinforced by the all avenues of mass media, and 3) The natural inclination of self centeredness of man as an individual.  All three of these have displaced the communal care for one another and replaced it with the care for one self above all else.  This is a root in poor communication because a self centered person is one who is hierarchal in their style of communication rather than Collegial or Co-equal.  Whole of society for 40 years has been switched from Collegial interaction to Individual introspection, where one feels and thinks of ones self above all others.

The selfie is taken from different directions because the individual is concerned about how they look in the eyes of those around them.  They are seeking positive attention from all directions everything is self centered in its motive.  In a world that sought to enlighten them to self esteem the whole experiment failed.  The seek your own direction, define who you are, and be yourself Esteeming program of the Neo-educational program failed to produce well adjusted and collegial interactive individuals but created a whole generation of misguided self centered people who have little or no true self esteem.

The communication they engendered in ourselves, our brothers and sisters and in our children was not one of equality and fairness but one of self centered, self promoting and self caring.  The hierarchal relationship is reinforced in this type of education process brought through our schools and mass media.  It was part of the social experiment to take away freedom and truth and replace it with the submission and control.  I am not saying it was purposely done, I think the intellectuals have thought themselves better at choosing what was good for us and in the end created a monster they can no longer control.  And it all has to do with true open, honest and free communication that we no longer possess in our world today.

In order for anyone to over come these erred engineered social education is to reach out and Esteem others better than yourself, learn to communicate openly and honestly without fear, and be willing to go the next step in that communication and develop it and educate others.  The selfie generation has many lonely individuals, who know not what to do or how to communicate properly in a world that is fast approaching self destruction.  If I care more about what others think of my looks or my personality then I am part of the selfie generation.  I am not against one personal hygiene or neatness of appearance, those things are very important in relationships, I am saying that if you care more about what others think or say your fears are misplaced and you leave yourself open to harm and not help.

The selfie is the reflection of a society that no longer cares about others but only about ones self.  Solomon said, Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: we can learn from such words.  To look to men for their favor, respect or even self for esteem it is deceptive.  And remember that our outward beauty is only for a short time and it is empty in the end and holds nothing for us.  It is the inside man that makes the difference it is the development of the inner persons beauty, the heart, that matters more than any outward appearance.  You must have a strong self opinion or you will seek it from someone else and they are not after your best interest but their own.  This gives them hierarchal leadership over you when you seek what others think of your look or attitude.  You must look within and have some sort of guideline as to what is good and acceptable morals of self image.  The self image starts in the heart and projects itself outward not the other way around.  If you have a strong inner self not based on outward appearance then you are strong enough to develop co-equal relationships with others.

Selfies communicate self centered hierarchy and lacks the collegial communication that is necessary in developing co-equal relationships with people.  Co-equal Collegial Communicative Relationships are where successes begins, without them failure and self destruction await more often than not.  Set aside the erred teaching of your past and grasp the true and open freedom you were meant to experience in Co-equal Collegial Relationships.  It all starts with learning to communicate Honestly and openly without fear.  Learning to communicate will develop a co-equal relationship with others and lead to success in almost every area of your life, including self.


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