Co-Equal/Collegial Interactive Governance the True Government of the Founders of the USA

Last time we spoke about Hierarchal Governance and how it rules over people not rules through people.  To understand that we are not saying that a hierarchal government in not ran by people.  The difference is that through people means that people are communicating equally the needs of all it’s people and representing them all in a equal plane.  This is the style of Government that the founders of the United States of America first initiated when they revolted against the Crown of England (a form of hierarchal govt).

They didn’t have a fancy name for the style of government they started but they communicated well with each representative of each state and all agreed by creating a Declaration of Independence and a constitution by which all men in these States were going to live by and treat each other.  Via this document we can see that these men were God fearing men who knew that ALL men were created equal in the eyes of God, and that God had given them freedom to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  This country was to provide an atmosphere that would encourage hard work, sound morals and respect for their fellow man.

Co-equal/Collegial Govt has an ultimate leader but this leader makes no moves on his own to promote any group over the other.  He is merely a representative of the people who oversees the decisions that would affect the protection and promotion of the individual States and their populace.  This is why they left each state to govern themselves.  Each State was to collect taxes of interstate commerce so each State could operate and in turn help to fund its military or State Militia.

A Co-equal/Collegial Government was never designed to be a Hierarchal Government, it was designed as an alternative to that which man has lived under for millennia which always led to oppression and aggression toward the people in whom it governed no matter if it was a Monarchy, Imperialistic, or Socialistic.  Co-equal Governance was created to insure peoples basic rights to their religious beliefs, along with peace, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.

It was just that as our, meaning the United States of America, grew, the men who were appointed to leadership after our founding were unable to grasp the true concept of a Co-equal/Collegial government and therefore were at a loss on how to continue in a Government that was truly based on the peoples need for the freedom of the pursuit life, liberty and happiness, and equal justice.  So they modified the style of Government to fit what they felt would help with the increase of the populace, a modified Hierarchal government.  This is what we are living under today and it will progress into the control by one man or group of men over the rest leading to oppression of the masses with limited liberties, just like it has always done.

Now the question that begs to be answered is, can we return to the original Co-equal/Collegial Interactive Government that the founders had established before the 1830’s?

One of the problems as I see it was the establishment of a Central Bank.  In 1781 just two months after the Colonies won their Independence from England, Alexander Hamilton among the others in the Continental Congress chartered the first bank for the Independent Colonies, the Bank of the United States.  When ever you centralize your money you will begin to have a breakdown in any Governance other than Hierarchal, because Banks promote and depend on having control over the borrower because of the loan in which they issue.  This banking system is hierarchal by nature and would not allow for the free pursuit of religion, liberty, justice and prosperity.  Banks are designed to enslave not promote prosperity.  The Colonial Congress did have an Idea though that would keep control over the banks ability to enslave the people who borrowed, however that idea was lost to time past and to those original founders as the banking systems of the world quickly saw the profit in investment in America.

The solution to the United states of America’s current situation is multi-fold but functional.

1) Stop allowing the banks to run our country.  2) Return taxation, education, welfare, health care to the individual States with their contribution to the central govt of 10% of their States tax revenues. 3) Each State maintains their own state guard.

The Federal Govt maintains 1) active military for protecting boarders, 2) Immigration and Intl customs, 3) maintaining the safety of our embassies, 4) maintenance of peace treaties. 5) the Federal Govt levee taxes on Intl commerce and trade.  But each State levees taxes on Inter-State commerce and receives part of the federal taxes from Intl Trade.

Each State has equal representation of the people in those states in the congress and the senate for distribution of Intl levee and the protection of personal rights and liberty provided under the constitution, and bill of rights, and all the amendments added thereof.

WE need to be a people united on common goals of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  Co-equal in our communication and representation with one another no matter what race, religion, gender, age and or handicap.

Let’s return to the true form of Government for the people and by the people based on the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  With the ethics and morals of hard work, self and mutual respect, family centered and peace among men.


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