Does A Team Members Attitude Affect the Harmony and Quality of Service?

All of us have experience the atmosphere of working with someone who has a daily negative outlook on their job and sometimes on life in general.  We have seen where the atmosphere went from one of harmony to disharmony in a matter of seconds because of an negative attitude of one of the team members.

Working in the Food Service Industry many years ago, I worked in a busy kitchen for a hotel in a resort city in Hawaii. It was one of the high lights of my young life at that time.  But there was one individual that always came in with a negative attitude.  It was always, “the waves sucked today”, or “this job sucks”.  I always thought if it is so bad why come to work at all.  In those days no one spoke their minds or communicated with each other we just did our job.  But his attitude did affect the harmony and Attitudes of all but more importantly it affected the quality of the final product, the dish.

When ever this man was presence I noticed that the return rate on plates was higher across the board which indicated that his attitude affected everyone not just himself.  He may have been part of a team but he was not a team player.  His attitude caused great harm on the rest of the team and to our competence as line chefs.  It may not seem like much but like the old adage says, “one spoiled apple spoils the whole bunch”.  It doesn’t matter what field you are in a negative attitude of one person can truly affect all he or she comes in contact with.  This mans choice of negative attitude communicated to the rest of the team negativeness that brought everybody down, and it in turn resulted in the lower quality of service.

You can give instruction on teamwork, you can give instruction on positive attitude but what it all comes down too is a choice.  That’s right it is our choice to be up beat and positive and approach our jobs with a positive attitude or to approach them with an opposite attitude.  Whether it be positive or negative always remember our attitude will affect the atmosphere and harmony of the team we are on.

We must ask ourselves, “Am I part of promoting a positive team with a positive attitude?

And if so how can I make it better?

Even positive teams can improve, if not in the area of harmony or atmosphere it can always improve in quality and competency of team members.  So here is where it comes down to individual team members, being able to see and evaluate themselves with honest scales of judgement, and not conflates egotistical views of magnificence of ones skills and attitude.  Honest appraisal or reflection is needed if anyone is going to improve on their skill set no matter the field they are in.  Part of co-equal team work will require this from time to time.  But lying to ones self will not improve attitude or skills.

No one is perfect, but good team morale will have a positive affect on the over all performance and quality of any product no matter what field or industry they are in.  If one team member comes in moaning and groaning and having mini fits and emotional out breaks it will affect the overall output of quality of service and product of everyone around them.

The choice starts with us as individuals to be positive no matter how the waves of life are.  We choose to either be positive or negative.  Eventually the choice gets easier and easier no matter which direction you choose.  Choose the positive and productive direction and attitude and not only will you perform better but you will feel better physically and mentally.

Yes, even one team members attitude will affect the whole teams attitude and quality of service.  The question is, is it affecting it positively or negatively?  We should all strive for a positive team mentality and attitude, so that our product will be one of quality, representing our abilities and competency as a team.

Make the right choice, choose to be a positive team player one looking to improve quality and generate a positive atmosphere of harmony.  Choose to have a positive attitude on your work and life.  Our Attitude can make our place of work either a great place to work or the worst place to work, in the end the choice is ours.


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