One Key to Interactive Team Harmony is Compliment

That’s right.  Each member of the team should not only help each player know their weakness but more importantly they should take time to compliment them on their job done correctly.  Everyone needs to be esteemed and uplifted and there is no better way than to remind them of a job well done.

As humans we go through ups and downs.  And nothing helps keep a person in an up beat mood than a nice and timely compliment.  A reminder at the end of a busy day that they did a great job will often quell the physical as well as mental stress that had accumulated.

Remember if you criticize a persons work constantly you are effectively bringing them down, though it is sometimes necessary to correct a person, constant criticism can be dangerous to team harmony, just as much as gossip.  So if you are a team leader try and compliment as well.   This will reassure your team mate you are there for them and that you recognize their positive points as well.  You would be surprised how a well timed and placed compliment will up lift a tired team mate.  Practice finding one thing to compliment a team mate with at least once a week, everyday is better but it takes more effort to find something different to compliment them on.

Take time to Compliment each other and the team harmony and atmosphere will be more joyful and light, and makes it a team that not only works well together but a team that works.


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