Garbage In, Garbage Out

Today’s Entertainment Industry has portrayed every known avenue of employment out there.  One of it’s Biggest drama presentations is the Medical Industry followed by Law Enforcement, Law Firms, then Education Facilities.  Not wanting to quote polls but these industries make up the biggest market in the entertainment industry, which for some reason does not like to portray its own industry.  Go figure.

The effect of these drama shows, whether they be day time soap and evening series, affect the minds of people to believe that these dramas represent real life, but that is far from the truth.  These programs are written to attract viewers and get a viewer responses as well as to get viewers to buy products.  The worst thing is most people believe that in the portrayal of these industries this is how people act in real life.  As a matter of opinion I believe that Television and Movies have had a negative effect on our communication skills and our ability to maintain open relationships.

Life is not a Drama Program.  I have a teaching that basically says, “Garbage In, Garbage Out.  What you put into your mind is what you are going to get out of it.  If your life is filled with these false Entertainment Industry portrayals of reality you will begin to act them out in real life.  The best thing to do is to find other avenues during your time off than watching TV.  I am not saying you should not entertain your self a little entertainment is essential and necessary but an over load will produce negative affects in your life.

The key to maintaining real and truthful communication is to be putting into your life real and truthful entertainments.  Hobbies are far better for your mentality than the TV.  Hobby projects help you to stimulate and focus mental energy in a positive way.  This activity will in fact help both your mental and physical health.  The more challenging the stimuli the more you will exercise your mental capacities.

tie 2

I created this tie closet from an old aluminum siding sales case.

Here are a few suggestions for projects to replace your TV watching with.

Car or motorbike restoration, restoring antique furniture or farm equipment, painting scenery or portraits, inventing devices, making or repairing lamps.  Knitting, cross stitching or quilting, Cooking new and exotic dishes, or designing clothing.  Other activities that require some time is putting together and maintaining a fresh or salt water fish tank, terrariums or exotic reptile environments.

As long as the hobby requires time and participation other than reading and watching (not saying these are bad) but stimuli that requires one to think clearly and problem solve is what keeps us sharp and emotionally alert.  If you are one who likes to read then may I suggest that you read biographies and auto-biographies, the Bible, World History, or literature on a hobby you are not familiar with so you can learn.  These types of literature will give you mental stimuli that teaches and focuses your mind on communication skills used in these books. From them you learn new words, and forms of communication.  And it helps to improve your reading and comprehension in turn this helps you to better learn to communicate and participate in life.

Life is not a TV drama or some sort of scripted reality the entertainment industry has developed to lure the unsuspecting to watch their program.  Life is real and you must put reality into your heart and mind if you want reality out of it.  To many people today are filling their minds with non-reality and then taking that out into the streets and acting that out in society, and as such is it no wonder that the world we live in is more violent, sexually deviant and lawless.

Co-equal Communication is something that comes out by what you put into your heart and mind.  Entertain yourself with those things that stimulate the mind and heart to clear and truthful thinking.  And you will find that your communication skills will improve in line with that which you put into your heart and mind.

Good Stuff In, Good Stuff Out!


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